It’s Ho Ho NO!

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Our Christmas Guarantee – No Christmas music until December 20th !!

Although it’ll be a little different this year, Halloween has only just been, November the 5th is still just fizzling away, yet the TV is stacked full of adverts for Christmas Toys, Christmas Food and Black Friday Sales.

The Supermarkets are stacked full of Tins of Chocolates, barrels of Twiglets and selection boxes….

.. and Radio stations are starting to defrost Mariah Carey, even opening stations playing NOTHING BUT Christmas music!

Once again, we’re here to stop all this madness. We like Christmas as much as the next person , but firmly believe there is a place and time for those seasonal classics – and early December is not it!

Our Music Guarantee – We’ll play no Christmas Music until December 20th

We love Just Great Music, but Mariah Carey, East 17, Shakin Stevens and Slade do get a bit repetitive on a 2 hour loop.

Stay with us, and celebrate Christmas properly!

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